Finding My Code

You don't need to be a code breaker. Locating your code is easy when you know what you're looking for. Here are a few tips:

1 Near the top

Codes are usually printed near the top of the container or on lids. Sometimes they're printed right on the label.


2 Begins with two numbers

The first part of the code will always be two numbers (between 01 and 56). Codes never start with letters.

3 Ends with 1 to 5 digits

The second part of the code (after the first two numbers) can be one to five digits long, can contain numbers or letters and may include a dash.


4 Colons?

Codes never have colons, so if you see one of those, keep looking!

Real World Examples

Here are some real-life examples.

Let's start with an easy one.

  • If you see the letters PLT (which are short for Plant), you're on the right track.
  • The first two numbers are between 0 and 56.
  • Fits the pattern of two numbers, dash, more numbers.
  • You guessed it. The code is 49-16.

This one's pretty easy too.

  • The first two numbers (04) are between 00 and 56.
  • The rest of the code fits the pattern described above.
  • That's right. It's 04-05.

If you see a plant number, you're golden.

  • This can of whipped cream is clearly labeled with PLANT NO.
  • The code fits the pattern of two numbers, a dash, and more numbers.
  • No problem. The code is 18-1892.

Repetition is the key.

  • The code is listed twice on this yogurt carton.
  • You won't always find PLT, but luckily you will here.
  • The first two numbers are between 0 and 56.
  • Fits the pattern of two numbers, a dash, and more numbers.
  • And the code? 39-135, of course.

Don't let 'em fool you.

  • The first part is a date, so 15-10 is not the code.
  • The next part starts with GE, and codes can't start with letters.
  • The 23:36 isn't the code either, because codes never have colons.
  • The only numbers left are 06-446. Bingo!

Look closely. Be rewarded.

  • The first part is a date and a seemingly random letter A, which you can ignore.
  • EH-3 is out because codes can't start with letters. This rules out L2 and V1 also.
  • Forget 3 L2 because letters are rare for any part of the code.
  • 17:55 is wrong because of the colon.
  • That leaves you with your code — 20-283.

Find your golden ticket.

  • This Yoplait yogurt has the code pressed into the foil lid right under SELL BY.
  • CNH is wrong for obvious reasons, and 11FEB is my sister's birthday.
  • The only option left is the code — 06-4902.

Sorry, thanks for playing.

  • The only things here are a date and some random letters and numbers.
  • This is because Country Crock is not a real dairy product.
  • Nothing to see here. Move along.

Dates, colons, and randomness.

  • Same story. For a second it looks like a code might be on the lid, but there is none to be found.

Ruby Red? Come on!

  • This isn't even a dairy product.
  • Get this stuff out of our face!

Found your Code?

Now that you've found your code, enter it in the search box below.

5 Still can't see it?

Not all products have codes, so if what you see printed on your container doesn't follow any of the previous rules, you're out of luck.

Check the ingredients label.  It could be that the product doesn't contain real dairy.  Or perhaps, it's a new dairy that hasn't been added to our database yet.

If you found a code that looks legitimate but we're not finding a match in our database, feel free to reach out.